Upcoming Events

Welcome to the new year! There are many exciting things in store for this new school year. Our first meeting is coming up quickly, along with your chance to register to be a member. The Society of Civil Engineers is a nationally-ranked organization, one of the largest on campus and the face of the CE/ENVE Department. Join to be a part of this amazing community and make the most of your time at Cal Poly.

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11-2: Cal Poly vs. UCSB Tailgate Party
11-7: Transbay Terminal Tour
11-12: 4th General Meeting
11-15: Practice Casting Day and Bulding An Engineer Day

Getting in Contact

Upcoming Meeting

If you have any questions or need to get in contact with the club, check out the Officer Page to get the email for the correct officer. For questions regarding tours, contact Monica Fiedler-Ross. To request to be a speaker or hold an info session, contact Julihanna Mandeville. If you are interested in our annual Career Fair, contact Hannah Johnson.

Our fourth General Meeting will be November 12. Paige Montalbo, Richard McClane, Patrick Haley, and Brian Lydon from Traylor Bros Inc will be covering highlights from 3 of their current jobs: the Regional Connector light-rail transit system in Los Angeles, a large pump in New Orleans, and the Tappan Zee Bridge project in Tarry Town, New York.

Fill in your information using this form if you aren't a member. Come out to a general meeting and talk to Quintin Flores to become a member.